IR principles

Our target is to provide comprehensive information about Componenta and its business environment to institutional investors, small investors, analysts and media representatives. It is important for us that information concerning Componenta is always easily available to our stakeholders, regardless of time or place.

30 days prior to the publication of any financial statements or quarterly reports Componenta has a silent period during which we do not meet with capital market representatives. 

Componenta's publications and releases are available immediately after their release date on the company's website Investors -> Releases. Publications and interim reports printed on paper will only be sent to those who have requested it from the company.

Publications printed on paper can be ordered from Componenta's website Order reports, by telephone at+358 10 403 2701 or by e-mail at

The press conferences for representatives of media and analysts held when the interim reports are published will be webcast simultaneously on the company's website.

By registering at Componenta's web pages Order releases to your email you can order all company releases directly into own e-mail.

All Componenta's publications are in Finnish and English.