Market drivers

The cast components manufactured by Componenta are used in heavy trucks, construction and mining machines, agricultural machinery, and in machine building, for example in elevators, cranes and robots.

The demand for the Group's products and the Group's business operations are influenced by changes in the operating environment and customer sectors.

Demand for heavy trucks

is mainly affected by the overall state of the economy and the financial market, by development in logistics, especially in eastern Europe, Russia and South America, and by environmental legislation and regulations.

Demand for construction and mining machines

is affected by developments in the prices of raw materials and minerals and demand for these. Investments in infrastructure investments, in the construction of roads and tunnels for example, have an impact on demand for large construction machinery, while population growth and urbanization increase or decrease demand for smaller construction machinery.


The mainfactor in demand from the machine building industry is the overall state of the economy and the money market. Demand for diesel engines is driven by orders for new ships and various power plant projects around the world.

Demand for agricultural machinery

is mainly affected by the price of food and growth in demand for food, by the size of the harvest, higher living standards and the general rise in GNP, as well as improvements to the infrastructure in India, Russia and Eastern Europe.