Componenta's sourcing organization is building and maintaining a wide network of suppliers that meets the Group's needs concerning raw materials, parts and various services. Our goal is to strengthen our competitive standing while complying with the Group's ethical principles and values and with legislation and directives.

Suppliers must comply with the same standards for quality and in their business methods as we observe in our own operations.Comprehensive monitoring and assessment systems are employed to ensure that materials meet the necessary criteria. ISO certification is a minimum requirement for raw material suppliers. Our aim is to increase amount of suppliers who have their environmental and quality management system documented according to requirements of ISO 14001.

In order to control the risks relating to deliveries we have alternative suppliers for materials and goods.

The Group's purchasing policy and Code of Conduct ensure that issues concerning the environment and safety, social responsibility and ethical principles are addressed in purchases. Our internal Code of Conduct training will secure that the agreed ways of working will be applied throughout Componenta. We do not pay bribes or make any other unlawful payments.