Our cast and machined components are often critical parts in our customers’ products. When it comes to strength and durability, cast iron components are unsurpassed. Their ability to withstand  wear and tear is high. Casting also enables pieces to be combined into a single part - this reduces the need for assembly and inventory.

Why use cast iron?

  • castability
  • ease of machining
  • vibration damping
  • compressive strength
  • corrosion resistance (compared to steel)
  • wear resistance (depending on application)
  • cost

Componenta's cast iron and machined components are typically used in vehicles, machines and equipment in agriculture, construction and mining, heavy trucks, and machine building industries. End products are, for example, tractors, heavy-duty vehicles, elevators, cranes, robots, diesel engines, and harvesters. We have many long customer relationships and partnerships, some even decades long.

We can provide component sizes from less than a kilo to a few hundred kilos, and serie sizes range from single pieces to series of tens of thousands of units. Our offering also includes several different choices of material standards. See more about our production and machining capabilities here.

Below is an example of cast iron components in a tractor:

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