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Flexibility close to customers

From our several production units in Finland we can offer you casting, machining, plate cutting components, tube products and forged blanks. And from our network, even more solutions to support your business. 

Our highly trained professionals support you through the design and engineering phase all the way to manufacturing and delivery. To learn more about what Componenta can offer you,  contact our Sales team.

Material services

Foundry, Karkkila 

  • Production line: HWS 960x1160x300/300(350/350)
  • Capacity: 30,000 tons p.a.
  • Materials: Ductile iron,  ADI and grey iron
  • Heat treatment: Stress release, ADI, perlitization and ferritization
  • Cast size: 30–350 kg  (100–400 kg per mould)
  • Serial sizes: 100–60,000 pcs/year

Foundry, Pori

  • Production line: HWS 750x650x250/250
  • Capacity: 18,600 tons p.a.
  • Materials: 90 % ductile iron (incl. SSF), 10 % grey iron
  • Heat treatment: Ferritization, perlitization, annealing
  • Cast size: 1–100 kg
  • Serial sizes: 100–50,000 pcs/year

We provide you with support and services from engineering to assembly-ready cast components, with 200 years of casting experience. In most cases, casting and use of cast iron is the most cost efficient manufacturing method. 

Forge, Jyväskylä

  • Materials: Case-hardened steel, quenched and tempered steel, structural steel and copper
  • Products: Pre-machined rings, circles, discs and shafts

Taylor-made demanding forgings from Componenta. End products include e.g. propellers, wind turbines, industrial gears, paper machine rollers, blast furnaces and drilling equipment. We also offer you sawing, heating, open-die forging and pressing, heat treatment and machining services, as well as material testing, NDT and classifications. 

Tube Service, Jyväskylä 

  • Materials: Galvanised seamless hydraulic tube, black steel tube, acid-proof tube (and fixing supplies)
  • Fittings: JIC, ORSF / O-ring, cutting ring, brake pipe, welded, flanges
  • Products: Tube and pipe production (hydraulic tubes, brake lines, lubrication and nozzle pipes, welded and soldered pipes)

We produce ready-to-install  tubes and sets of tubes according to your requirements.We also offer sawing, washing, bending, fitting assembly, assembly, welding, brazing and 3D measuring.

Plate Service, Leppävesi 

  • Materials: Structural steel, wear plates, high-strength material and boron steel
  • Products: Plate cutting components and blanks for machining

We offer plate cutting components according to customer blueprints. We do gas and plasma cutting, bending, rolling, shot blasting, machining and welding, as well as heat treatment. And from our network, we can also offer water and laser cutting and surface treatment.

Machining services

  • Raw materials: Castings and forgings, plate cuttings, structural and machine steel, tempered and case hardened steel, aluminium
  • Products: Shafts, frames, brackets and supports, covers and sleeves, wheels, bars and beams, blocks, gear wheels and other teeth-cutted products
  • Componenta machining offering includes turning (incl. axle, vertical, automatic and horizontal lathe), milling (incl. travelling column milling) and grinding (incl. cylindrical and plane grinding and honing), assembly work, drilling and boring, teeth cutting, NDT, and 3D measuring

We provide you with versatile and dimensionally accurate components. Componenta machining services are located in Jyväskylä, Härmä, Sastamala and Kurikka in Finland. 

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