Business model

Componenta Corporation is an international technology group and Finland’s leading contract manufacturer of metal components. Componenta and its predecessors have more than 200 years of experience in metal processing, method design, product development co-operation and various manufacturing methods, as well as their development. The group’s operational functions are located in Finland. Componenta’s technology portfolio is extensive. The group manufactures both cast and machined metal components as well as forgings, pipe products and plate sections. Componenta’s business model is built on long-term customer relationships. The group’s customers are global machine and equipment manufacturers.

Componenta’s production is focused on serving the customer flexibly, especially in short and medium-sized production series. The wide range of production units covers sizes ranging from hundreds of grams to thousands of kilograms, volumes available from pieces to tens of thousands of series, and many different material options. In Componenta’s value chain, value is mainly generated in the end-use phase, when Componenta’s customers are able to produce long-term end products. Componenta’s raw material and supply chains are global.