UN Sustainable Development Goals

Componenta has reviewed the UN Sustainable Development Goals and defined the Agenda 2030 goals that apply to the company. Componenta promotes the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Componenta supports personnel diversity and equality. Personnel are treated equally and equally at the various stages of recruitment and career development. Competence, experience and motivation are emphasized in our personnel choices. 17% of Componenta Group’s personnel are women. The company has zero tolerance for discrimination, forced labor and child labor. Componenta’s personnel policy guides the Group’s operations so that everyone is treated equally and in accordance with the principles of equality. The equality plans are updated annually and are based on Componenta’s personnel policy.

A significant part of the energy consumption of Componenta’s own production is covered by the energy-intensive foundry business. In terms of the main processes, efficient medium-frequency electric melting furnaces using modern technology are used to melt the materials. The technology complies with BAT (Best Available Technologies) definitions. The machines and equipment to be invested, as well as changes in production methods, affect the use of energy, and therefore the company encourages continuous development and increase of energy efficiency and reduction of energy use in all its production units. In addition, each of Componenta’s production units uses quality and environmental systems certified by third parties.

Componenta operates in a labor-intensive sector. Componenta also offers job opportunities for young employees. 12.8% of the company’s personnel are under 30 years of age. Componenta operates in nine locations and the company’s share as a local employer is significant in some locations. In Karkkila, our foundry is the largest employer in the region. Our tax footprint in 2023 totaled EUR 13.2 million. We invest in the quality and development of supervisory work, and we also require everyone to take responsibility for developing their own skills and well-being. We measure job satisfaction and the success of supervisor work with an annual employee survey. We offer a work environment where occupational safety and well-being are developed proactively. We help our customers reduce their carbon footprint by producing our components in the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective way possible.

Componenta is a contract manufacturer of metal components. The company and its predecessors have more than 200 years of experience in metal processing, method design, product development cooperation and various manufacturing technologies and their development. With the help of information, customers’ products can be designed and manufactured in an even higher quality and more environmentally friendly way. We take environmental considerations into account when evaluating investments.

Componenta offers both Finnish and working-age employees who have moved to Finland a job, a safe working environment and equal opportunities to develop in their work. Componenta trains and introduces all employees who come to the company to their own work tasks and work safety requirements, if necessary. The company encourages continuous development, professional development and takes care of well-being at work and its maintenance. Componenta is a diverse workplace and we have personnel of about 14 different nationalities.

Componenta’s business is largely based on the circular economy. Recycled metal is mainly used as the main raw material for casting components, and the share of recycled steel in iron foundries is 65 per cent. Componenta invests in the innovative reuse of waste and by-products. 92.2 percent of the waste generated in production is sent for recovery. Unsorted waste accounts for 0.37% of the total waste.

All of Componenta’s production units are certified in accordance with ISO 14001 standards. A certified environmental system and permits issued by the authorities are a prerequisite for Componenta’s business. They control activities that affect the environment. According to Componenta’s environmental policy, each employee is responsible for complying with the authorities, the customer and internal environmental and quality requirements in all their work. Environmental systems are maintained and developed by the people responsible for it in the various production units. All business units follow the Group’s common environmental policy. Componenta is also involved in the Finnish national industry group regarding the BAT definition of foundries (best available technology).

Componenta actively cooperates with its customers to ensure that environmental considerations are taken into account in the method design, manufacture and transportation of their products. In addition, cooperation with suppliers and the subcontracting network supports the production of high-quality products and, consequently, low losses.