Componenta is an international technology company

Componenta’s operations located in Finland. With its wide technology portfolio, Componenta produces e.g. cast, machined and unmachined components for its clients who are local and global manufacturers of vehicles, machines and equipment. Componenta’s shares are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki (CTH1V).

  • We at Componenta are committed to providing you with high-quality, sustainable machined metal components, forged blanks, plate cutting components and pipe products
  • Our history goes back 200 years to the oldest still operating foundry in Finland
  • Our business philosophy is based on thorough understanding of our customers’ business. We develop and renew our operations continuously and look ahead to future relationships
  • By co-operating with you throughout the whole process from design and engineering to manufacturing and delivery, we are able to make products that meet your requirements
  • Geographically, we operate in Northern Europe, but through our global customers our reach is much wider. Our customers are typically local and global manufacturers of vehicles, machines and equipment
  • All our production units are located in Finland.
    • We have foundries in Pori and Karkkila
    • machining services in Jyväskylä, Härmä, Kurikka and Sastamala
    • units specialized in plate cutting components and pipe products as well as a forge located in the Jyväskylä region
  • The comprehensive offering of our production units covers component sizes ranging from hundreds of grams to thousands of kilos, and series sizes ranging from small to tens of thousands of units
    • Components are available with different iron materials
  • With our wide offering, we are a flexible partner – we can deliver even on a tight schedule with competitive total cost.
Key Figures (thousand) 2022 2021 2020
Net sales, EUR 109,087 87,254 70,040
EBITDA, EUR 7,086 4,959 3,750
Operating result, EUR 1,555 13 -2,034
Operating result % 1.4 0.0 -2.9
Result after financial items, EUR -107 -405 -3,489
Net result, EUR 52 -405 -3,175
Basic earnings per share, EUR 0.01 -0.04 -0.20
Diluted earnings per share, EUR 0.01 -0.04 -0.20
Cash flow from operating activities, EUR 6,171 2,837 6,355
Interest-bearing net debt, EUR 4,818 6,714 -2,584
Net gearing,  % 20.0 28.6 -10.8
Return on equity, % 0.2 -1.7 -5.8
Return on investment, % 4.3 3.2 0.7
Equity ratio, % 41.1 42.3 37.3

Breakdown of net sales by market area in 2022

Breakdown of net sales by market area in 2022

Net sales by segments in 2022

The metal components manufactured by Componenta are used in vehicles, machines and equipment in the following industrial sectors

  • Agriculture
  • Construction and mining
  • Heavy trucks
  • Machine building

for end products like tractors, heavy-duty vehicles, elevators, cranes, robots, diesel engines and harvesters.