Strategy and values

Strong customer activities lay a foundation for sustainable growth

Componenta’s business model is built on strong and long-term customer relationships. Our customers are global machine and equipment manufacturers that also have significant assembly operations in Finland. Componenta’s all operational functions are located in Finland, close to customers. The comprehensive subcontracting network supplements Componenta’s broad range.

We provide our customers with services covering the entire supply chain, ranging from component design support to manufacturing, and from logistics services to the delivery of complete solutions. We are updating our operating models to identify our customers’ overall needs even better. 


Our operations are based on identifying customer needs, solid expertise in manufacturing engineering, a high level of quality, delivery reliability, and our shared values. Our values form the basis of our corporate culture and guide all our activities and decision-making processes.


We are open to new things, development, changes – and therefore to the continuous improvement of our operating methods. 


We are honest to ourselves and others. We keep what we promise.


Our cooperation with our colleagues, supervisors, employees, customers and other partners is based on trust and mutual respect.


Our objective is to be the primary supplier with an extensive offering for our customers.


Customer-driven profitable growth.

Five priorities of our growth strategy

The priorities of our strategy are customer-driven profitable growth, inorganic growth, improvement of competitiveness, expansion of our offering, and the development of our personnel and management.


The cornerstones of customer-driven profitable growth are a broad range of products, services covering the entire supply chain, close customer relationships, sustainability, and skilled personnel.


In addition to organic growth, our objective is to grow through different corporate arrangements and by supporting the outsourcing of our customers’ production and other functions. In the short term in particular, we will, however, focus on raising the utilisation rates of our production units and improving profitability. 


Our competitiveness is based on the technological capability acquired during our long history, which is combined with versatile manufacturing know-how. We will continue to improve our competitiveness through the active development of our own operations and targeted technological investments. Our competitive position strengthens as our customers’ own manufacturability planning decreases. 


Our contract manufacturing is focused especially on small and medium-sized series, where we are able to offer a flexible service and rapid reactions. Size categories in our product range vary from hundreds of grams to thousands of kilos, and volumes from individual items to series of tens of thousands of products. Several different material options are available for products. Through product and production planning, material selections, and quality optimisation, we can also have a significant effect on environmental impact during the product lifecycle. The circular economy plays a significant part in Componenta’s production process: for example, the main raw materials used at our foundries are largely recycled, and more than 94 per cent of waste generated in Componenta’s production units are delivered for utilisation.


Our personnel’s competence, expertise and continuous development are critical factors for us as a contract manufacturer. Our industry is personnel-intensive, which means that investments in resources, and the well-being and competence of our personnel significantly impact the company’s success.