Policies and guidelines


Componenta's operations are based on our common values: 

  • Openness 

    • We are open to new things, development and change – and thereby also the continuous improvement of our ways of working.

  • Honesty

    • We are honest with ourselves and with each other. We do what we promise.  

  • Respect

    • Our cooperation with our colleagues, supervisors, subordinates, customers and other partners is based on trust and mutual respect. 

Componenta's policies and guidelines include, among other:

Whistleblowing in Componenta Group

Componenta’s operations are based on transparency and ethically sustainable work in accordance with the company’s values and the basic principles of these have been recorded in the company’s Code of Conduct.

It is important that everyone reports on any suspected violations of the Componenta Code of Conduct or possible misconduct. Thus, the company has a possibility to prevent, preclude or correct misconducts.  

Componenta encourages its employees to contact primarily a supervisor in the company. If the person reporting feels that the information cannot be shared openly, the concerns can be told anonymously by letter or email.  

Componenta will ensure that there will be no adverse consequences for any employee reporting violations of any law, the Code of Conduct or good business practice.

It is important for Componenta to act as a company which advances transparency and good business ethics.

Instructions for whistleblowing reporting

Componenta’s objective is to maintain atmosphere of openness and high ethics in its business. Company’s employees are the most vital source of information in disclosing the possible misconducts that require correction.

It is the responsibility of each Componenta employee to report on detected violations or non-compliance of any law, the code of Conduct or any Componenta guidelines or policies. The company’s employees may report violations of the Code of Conduct or any Componenta guidelines or policies to their line managers. It is the responsibility of all Componenta line mangers to give advice on the proper procedure in case of violations. Also, the General Counsel can be contacted in the matter.

Any suspected infringements of the Code of Conduct or rules and regulations can be also reported through the whistleblowing channel:


Regular mail
Componenta Corporation
Legal Affairs
Teknobulevardi 7
FI-01530 Vantaa

In addition to Componenta employees these reporting channels are also available to all third parties with the same principles.

Regardless of the reporting channel, all allegations of potential violations of the Code or any Componenta guidelines or policies made in good faith will receive a fair and comprehensive investigation conducted with the relevant internal and/or external assistance.

The person reporting should consider that all the reports must be sincere and made in good faith. Misuse of the whistleblowing system i.e. reporting false or malicious information is a serious offence which can lead to further consequences.