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10 Feb 2020

Componenta Corporation: Conversion of stock options 2018A to stock options 2018B and market value of stock options 2018B

Componenta Corporation, Stock Exchange Release on 10 February 2020 at 14:15

The Board of Directors of Componenta Corporation has resolved to convert stock options 2018A that have been returned to the company to stock options 2018B. The Board of Directors announced the issue of stock options 2018 on 12 November 2018. The Board of Directors has converted 416,250 stock options 2018A to stock options 2018B. The number of stock options 2018A is now 2,013,750 in total, stock options 2018B 2,861,500 in total and stock options 2018C 2,445,250 in total.

The share subscription price for stock option 2018B is 0.128 euros per share, i.e. the trade volume weighted average quotation of the share on Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. during 14 October - 8 November 2019. The share subscription price of the stock option may be decreased by the amount of the dividend and the amount of the distribution of assets resolved before the share subscription. The share subscription price will be credited to the company’s reserve for invested unrestricted equity. The theoretical market value of one stock option 2018B is approximately 0.052 euros and the theoretical market value of stock options 2018B is approximately 150,000 euros in total. The theoretical market value of a stock option has been calculated by using the Black & Scholes stock option pricing model with the following input factors: share price 0.114 euros, share subscription price 0.128 euros, risk free interest rate 0%, validity of stock options approximately 4.8 years and volatility 59.94%.


Marko Penttinen
President and CEO

For further information, please contact:
Marko Penttinen, President and CEO, tel. +358 10 403 2200

Marko Karppinen, CFO, tel. +358 10 403 2101

Componenta is a technology company which specializes in supplying cast and machined components to global manufacturers of vehicles, machines and equipment. The company’s share is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.