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We provide you with support and services from engineering to assembly-ready cast components, with 200 years of casting experience. In most cases, casting and use of cast iron is the most cost efficient manufacturing method. 

Watch the video from the foundry.

Foundry, Karkkila 

  • Production line: HWS 960x1160x300/300(350/350)
  • Capacity: 30,000 tons p.a.
  • Materials: Ductile iron,  ADI and grey iron
  • Heat treatment: Stress release, ADI, perlitization and ferritization
  • Cast size: 30–350 kg  (100–400 kg per mould)
  • Serial sizes: 100–60,000 pcs/year

Foundry, Pori

  • Production line: HWS 750x650x250/250
  • Capacity: 18,600 tons p.a.
  • Materials: 90 % ductile iron (incl. SSF), 10 % grey iron
  • Heat treatment: Ferritization, perlitization, annealing
  • Cast size: 1–100 kg
  • Serial sizes: 100–50,000 pcs/year