Products and services


We provide you with versatile and dimensionally accurate components. Componenta machining services are located in Jyväskylä, Härmä, Sastamala and Kurikka in Finland. 

Watch the video about the machining.

  • Raw materials: Castings and forgings, plate cuttings, structural and machine steel, tempered and case hardened steel, aluminium
  • Products: Shafts, frames, brackets and supports, covers and sleeves, wheels, bars and beams, blocks, gear wheels and other teeth-cutted products
  • Componenta machining offering includes turning (incl. axle, vertical, automatic and horizontal lathe), milling (incl. travelling column milling) and grinding (incl. cylindrical and plane grinding and honing), assembly work, drilling and boring, teeth cutting, NDT, and 3D measuring