Sustainabality means taking continuous, concrete measures that observe both people and the environment.

This is an integral part of our business, both within Componenta and in our relationships with stakeholders.

Sustainability is a part of our competitiveness and contributes to our success as we compete for customers, employees and investors. 

Sustainability at Componenta covers the three areas of responsility as follows: 

  • Economic responsibility is accountability for the Group’s profitability and increasing shareholder value, and we will achieve both of these by operating competitively and developing our operations in the long term. Comprehensive risk management allows us to identify and prepare for risks that may impact our business.

  • Environmental responsibility Most of the raw material used for cast components is recycled material. We can minimise the environmental impact of our production through the high quality of our products and operations. Through cooperation in component engineering and choices of material, we help our customers to develop more environmentally friendly products.

  • Social responsibility  includes good leadership and consideration of people. We do not condone any form of bribery or discrimination under any circumstances. Our social responsibility comprises the development of our personnel’s competence and occupational wellbeing and safety. We also audit our suppliers, and in the procurement of raw materials we pay special attention to environmental and safety requirements, social responsibility and ethics.