Sustainability at Componenta


Sustainability is an integral part of Componenta’s operations. Sustainability is based on the company’s values, strategy and operating methods. Componenta operates in an industry in which environmental responsibility issues are of central importance. As our industry is also very labour-intensive, personnel costs and investments in employee well-being and competence have a significant impact on the company’s success.

Environmental responsibility

Componenta’s policies for quality, the environment, health and safety guide the Group’s actions related to quality and environmental aspects. All production units have third-party certified quality and environmental management systems.

Componenta’s most important objectives related to environmental responsibility are emission prevention, energy efficiency, reducing energy consumption and waste as well as the reuse of waste. Using recycled material as raw material in production has been an obvious choice for the company for a long time. The final products manufactured by Componenta can also be recycled. At Componenta, every investment is also assessed with regard to its environmental impacts.

Social responsibility and employees

Componenta’s HR strategy is part of the Group’s business strategy, and it is always firmly linked to business development and strategic focus areas. Componenta complies with the local regulations and rules related to production and support functions. Each production unit also has an occupational health and safety programme that is regularly reviewed and updated. The Karkkila and Pori foundries also have a certified OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety system. Each unit has also an equality plan that is reviewed annually.

Employees have access to an internal whistleblowing channel for reporting issues such as suspected incidents of discrimination.

Respect for human rights

As Componenta’s raw material and supply chains are global, the company aims to place increasing attention on respect for human rights throughout the supply chain. Suppliers and subcontractors are required to comply with existing laws and regulations. Suppliers and subcontractors are also required to support and respect internationally recognised human rights as defined in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. Furthermore, suppliers and subcontractors must comply with the quality and environmental standards that Componenta adheres to.

Understanding the principles pertaining to respect for human rights is every Componenta employee’s responsibility. One key aspect of Componenta’s risk management is the internal whistleblowing channel that employees can use to report suspected incidents of non-compliance with the company’s Code of Conduct, such as violations of human rights.

Anti-corruption and bribery

Componenta strives to maintain a fair business culture. The company’s Code of Conduct includes instructions related to, among other things, giving and receiving gifts and hospitality as well as avoiding conflicts of interest. Componenta is a politically independent company.

Componenta’s internal whistleblowing channel also plays an important role in the reporting of suspected incidents of corruption and bribery.

Please read more about sustainability at Componenta in our latest Annual Review.